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Ala íntima sobre pilotis de madeira engenheirada - MLC
Pilares em V
Panorâmica da ala social
Panorâmica da ala de lazer
Entrada principal com porta pivotante de madeira
Calçada dos Gigantes
Piscina de borda submersa
Jardim do Redário
Garagem dupla
Deck e Espaço Gourmet
Espaço Gourmet

#ViTa Site


Overlooking the Gravatá Valley, in the municipality of Muritiba-BA, the land is bordered by the local road, with accentuated but very regular declivity, which enabled the development of the project in Partido Z, distributing and organizing the living spaces, leisure and rest with good connection and fluidity, but without compromising privacy and isolation, when necessary.

Thus, the dormitory wing describes a straight line opposite the pool deck, which ends in a bandstand designed to refer to that typical element of public squares in every small town in the interior. Flanking this bandstand and extending from the pool's lane, an artificial lake was designed with concrete blocks, sometimes submerged, sometimes emerging, inspired by the well-known Giant's Causeway in Iceland.

It is through this access that you reach the Sacred, an architectural complex composed of Chapel, Cellar and Fogo de Chão which, as well as the house itself, received its project in an engineered wooden structure, which allowed to achieve the result of a tectonic house, when the architecture itself encloses the object in itself.

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