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At that premature moment of choosing a career, I realized that I could look for something that could reconcile art and science, as I felt an aptitude for both and I didn't want to abandon either of them, but in fact, I had never thought about architecture. However, in 1997, I finally graduated as an architect from the Federal University of Bahia and, later, in 2002 I completed a specialization in Product Design.

As soon as I graduated, still without a market at hand, I started teaching at UFBA, later passing by FAMEC and EEEMBA, and now I occupy the chair of project teacher at UNIME (Metropolitan Union of Education and Culture, of the KROTON Group, in Lauro de Freitas-BA).

Little by little I worked in partnership with colleagues until, in 2008, I set up my own office, working in several related areas, also adding experiences in Interior Design, Furniture Design, Visual Programming and Scenography. Armed with a generalist training, as it should be, I became more and more involved with challenges that go beyond tectonics, developing graphic design and product pieces, when I participated in some exhibitions and, more recently, when I had the joy to execute the scenography project for the play “Tia Judith ao Vivo”, encouraged by her previous experience as assistant to the renowned Rio director, Bia Lessa, in the scenography of the Summer Essays for the Afro Pop Brasileiro project, by singer Margareth Menezes in 2010 , at the Cais Dourado concert hall, in Salvador.

All these experiences forged in me a professional committed to the naturalness of the existence of things. If everything were a symphony, I would be the conductor, the musicians would be the inhabitants and the composition would be the architecture. For me, it doesn't matter which School the work is housed in, whether modernist, classical, colonial etc., or even eclectic or contemporary, the result has to have architectural honesty and be validated in the place where it was implemented, that is, the pure meaning of what is logical EC+O! [Allow me to introduce in this acronym the initial of my last name , Oliveira, pardon the pun...], being in accordance with the climate and orientation, with the variants of the terrain, with the image of the surroundings and, mainly, with desire.

I think I can say this: I am driven by desire and I try to open the way for this sacred right to avenge.

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