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#DaLu Site


Designing architecture in the midst of nature is an inspiring task. The traces of the divine and the mundane are intertwined in a harmonious movement of firm and well-marked gestures, as in the ancestral action of the foundation of a place.


The position of the native trees determined the party of this project. They curved its edges and carved its recesses, its contours, its volume.


Designed for two families, the double house is structurally connected in an attempt to engender, in itself, the interaction between people, as if the plant reproduces, there, a kind of living and aggregating architectural organism, which opens up to the shared use of the leisure spaces in the connection between the two units.


The main access is given by the Vila. The type of village is fluidized by the tectonics of the dormitory block, which, with its angled lines, refers to the rhythmic repetition of the gable roofs of the vernacular houses in the interior.


Site #DaLu is described in the stretch of the marginal escarpment, which descends to the Tucunaré Lagoon. The fishing hut and floating deck are built there, on its shore, for contemplation and leisure. The topography expires by a wooden walkway, which runs through the canopy of native trees, in the permanent preservation range.


The double house is at the top and, from there, you can see in the distance... the lake, the forest, the birds, life passing by.

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