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Proposal for the requalification of common areas of the


Barra do Jacuípe, Camaçari-BA

This is an architectural, urban and landscaping proposal for the requalification of the Parque do Jacuípe Condominium, aiming to promote a redefinition of its living spaces, aiming to promote the meeting and exchange between people.
These are 4 points: the Praça de Convivência; the Mirante da Lagoa; the Social Club; and the Sports Square.

At this location, there is a clear lack of connectivity between the so-called Green Area of ​​the Condominium, where the sports court is located, and the Commercial Area on the other side of the road. The proposal aims to integrate the region into a large area of ​​collective use, through interventions in the layout and hierarchy of vehicular and pedestrian routes, implementing the Shared-Space (Shared Space) concept, widely spread worldwide.
From time to time, the following interventions are distinguished: 1- leveling of floors with uniform paving; 2- annexation of the roundabout to create a square space with tables for playing board games; 3- encouraging the installation of commercial equipment in the corner lot through the positioning of benches and dining tables; 4- installation of a new Soccer Society court with changing rooms structure reused from the woodwork and coverage of the Social Club, which will also receive a new requalification project; 5- inclusion of stairs to access the courts and bleachers for the comfort of the audience; 6- installation of playpen for serving tables in front of the commercial points existing in the place.

The proposal aims at the re-appropriation of the space with the resumption of the use of the place, through the requalification of urban equipment, such as benches, pergolas, etc. and also improved lighting for night use and special moments such as the rising of the full moon.
In addition, the installation of comfort items for access to the beach is also foreseen, such as showers, foot washes and shaded rest area, with coconut water sales service, as well as access control and passage to the Private area of ​​the Condominium.
Allied to this, a landscape project introducing fauna and flora to the Lagoa.

The requalification of the Condominium Headquarters brings several concepts of collective use, which are consistent with the context of current society.
A large and comfortable multipurpose space, covered and can be closed and air conditioned, containing in itself the possibility of hosting the most diverse events based on a schedule organized by the administration. Adjacent to this space, a complete structure of a bar to support the event or concession/lease, or whatever is approved by the community.
Gourmet space for free use by the unit owners in the selfie modality, with the installation of equipment such as stove, barbecue, pizza oven, beer cooler, countertop, counter, etc., in addition to comfortable and accessible bathrooms.
Small Kids Space for monitored activities, with installation of safe and certified equipment, prioritizing, in this case, the specification of industrialized materials both for toys and for the floor.
Hiking trail with various kiosks for the sale of items such as pastel, ice cream, coconut water, churros, crepe, etc., in order to encourage the complete exploration of the land in its entirety.
Complete structure of changing rooms to support sports activities on both existing courts, which will also be restored.

The Sports Square project involves the entire area, which previously disintegrated the car/pedestrian binomial, and now reintegrates everything into a single shared floor for all activities: travel and permanence; of amusement and contemplation; relaxation and physical effort; uniting everyone, of all ages and interests, in an environment conducive to diversity and sharing.
The concept of Shared-Space again present favors the free appropriation of people and, on the other hand, the limited appropriation of motor vehicles. Hierarchy of speeds, aiming at everyone's safety, is guaranteed through the patterns, textures and colors of the pavements, as well as any physical barriers, such as beacons and benches. This differentiation also organizes the flow of non-motorized vehicles (bicycles, skates, scooters, skateboards, etc.).
Playfulness is present in the essence of the project. The wooden structures are designed alluding to tree branches. Ripples for skaters refer to paint spills. Free walls are encouraged to receive urban art, such as Graffiti. The sheltered space for babies resembles the shape of a pudding with topping syrup. The creative playground refers to the backyard, with direct contact with the land. The meandering of the slatted bench opens up the possibilities for forms of relaxation. The pallets under orange trees and the bleachers invite you to contemplate the sunrise and sunset and the moon. Musical activities find a bounty of space for presentations. The belvedere, with pergola coverage and accessed by a PCD ramp (person with disabilities, according to the ABNT Accessibility Standard), opens into a "radical ramp" for the practice of related sports and provides coverage for the multipurpose counter and the entire structure to support commercial activity, with a vocation for the trend known as fitness diet.
All age groups are catered for in this share. Especially childhood and all its phases. The baby can crawl freely in the pudding-shaped playpen, while the older ones play freely in the grassy area that has stimulating and participative toys and also the mountain square, where they can climb, jump, slide, but not along a path. guided or monotonous.


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